Posted by: tnt4 | April 28, 2011

2 More Weeks!

 (Written by Thais Jones)

      2011 Graduating Senior

Wow, we’re in the final seconds of the last quarter now!!! Things are tough, but God is so good and ever-faithful through it all. Some major milestones have already been achieved on our way to the big and widely anticipated event (GRADUATION) on May 15th. At the end of each spring semester, during their normal chapel service hours, TMS graduating seniors give their testimonies before the student body. Terrence had the privilege of giving his on the morning of March 15th. It was a blessing to be present for this special moment, as well as to witness the testimony of another dear brother in the faith, Stephen Ward.

Terrence & Stephen after Senior Testimonies

March 15, 2011


In addition, the Lord bestowed the honor of another achievement on our family when I was granted my certificate of completion for the Women’s Ministries Program earlier this week. 

TMC 2011 Women’s Ministries Certificate Recipients
April 27, 2011

 We are so grateful and continue to be amazed at all that the Lord is doing. Please pray for our endurance and for a strong finish. The next 2 weeks promise to be very challenging. We praise God for your continued care & concern. 

                                                                                                                                                           The Jones



  1. YAY!!!!! FINAL QUARTER!!!! I can not believe its here!!! I am so thrilled to FINALLY be able to see yall everyday if I want…or if you want LOL!
    SO thankful for you both and I rejoice with you over all the LORD has accomplished!
    TO God be the GLORY!!

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